Angelus - July 2010

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  • Fr. Markus Heggenberger, Letter from the Editor 
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • Interview with Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, Vatican II and Tradition
  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, The Authority of Vatican II Questioned Part 7
  • Father Albert, The Summa Theologiae
  • Dr. David Allen White, Dante's Inferno: Reading and Commentary Part 3
  • Fr. Joseph Spillman, The Pirate's Prisoner Part 4
  • Fr. Thomas Jatzkowski, The Lord's Prayer Part 3
  • DICI, Interview with Fr. Griego

Church and World:

  • Discord with the College of Cardinals
  • Rise above Dialectics by Dialogue and Synthesis
  • The Legionaries of Christ under the Guardianship of Rome; Beatification of John Paul II Called into Question
  • Chartres to Paris Traditional Pilgrimage 2010

Question and Answer

  • In elections, would it not be preferable to vote for the best candidate, rather than for the least unworthy?
  • How can one say that the New Mass is "evil," since sometimes the priest celebrates it reverently and the faithful assist piously?

The Last Word

  • Fr. Régis de Cacqueray, FSSPX: The Adulterous Union