Angelus July - August 2017 The Papacy and Sedevacantism

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Theme:  The Papacy and Sedevacantism

  • On the Church and the Pope, by Roger-Thomas Calmel, O.P.
  • Magisterium or Living Tradition? A False Dilemma, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX
  • The Crisis of Collegiality, by Gabriel S. Sanchez
  • Fifteen Questions from Men, 15 Answers from the Pope, by Fr. Phillipe Toulza, SSPX

Faith and Morals

  • Archbishop Lefebvre and the Bishops, by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais
  • Feasts of Our Lady: The Assumption, by Fr. Christopher Danel
  • Pastor Aeternus Excerpts from Pastor Aeternus, by Pope Pius IX, Council Vatican I, Session 4, July 18, 1870


  • A Dominican in Time of Crisis, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX
  • Faith in the Benedictine Abbot, by a Benedictine Monk
  • Dispute around a Dunghill, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX
  • Religious Ignorance A Lenten sermon, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Christian Culture

  • Cultural Patronage: Music and the Papacy, by Dr. Andrew Childs
  • Harmony Between Parents, by SSPX Sisters

Questions and Answers by Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX

  • Should we go to Confession regularly, even when we haven't committed any mortal sins?
  • Do we have sufficient contrition when we confess a sin, knowing that, in all likelihood, we will fall again into it?
  • Is there a simple, commons sense answer to the Protestant objection to the Catholic prayer asking for the intersession of the Saints?

News from Tradition

  • New President for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences
  • Relics of St. Don Bosco Stolen
  • Church Tithing in Paris
  • Our Lady of Fatima Honored by Luxembourg

Theological Studies

  • The Question of Papal Heresy, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX

The Last Word by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX