Angelus July August 2022 On Education

Angelus Press


THEME: Catholic Education
  • FEATURED  Grace Builds Upon Nature: The Case for Catholic Liberal Arts, by Dr. Matthew Childs
  • FEATURED  Things Old and New: Some Considerations on Parish Schools, by Robert Wyer
  • CONTEXT  The Loss of God in School, the Loss of God in the Soul, by Patrick Murtha
  • COMMENTARY  Dante’s Divine Comedy: Educating for the Joy of God, by Ann Marie Temple
  • COMMENTARY  A Reflection on My Time at St. Mary’s College, by Jane Spencer
  • LITERATURE  Love’s Atlantis: The Lost Art of Poetic Knowledge, by Jonathan Wanner
  • ART  The Corruption of Art Education in the Modern Era, by Prof. David Clayton
  • HISTORY  The Origins of Education in America, by Fr. Daniel Muscha, SSPX
  • REVIEW  God and Modern War: A Review of Phil Klay’s Missionaries, by William Gonch
  • TO THE COMMUNITY  Providence and Silence, by Dr. John Tardiff
  • SSPX PRIESTS  The Restoration of Catholic Civilization in SSPX Schools, by Fr. Gerard Beck, SSPX
  • INTERVIEW  How to Get a Solid Catholic Formation … in Paris!, by Fr. François-Marie Chautard
THEOLOGICAL STUDIES:  The Priest and Catholic Education, by Fr. John M. McFarland, SSPX

THE LAST WORD, by Fr. David Sherry, SSPX