Angelus July August 2023 Catholic Artists and Art

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THEME: Catholic Artists and Catholic Art
  • Allegory and Individuality: The Story of Catholic Art, by William Gonch, Ph. D.
  • The Cause of Civilisation, by William Edmund Fahey
  • Now I See: How Painting for the Immaculata Helped Me See Again, by Bridget Bryan
  • Designing and Painting a Paschal Candle, by Fr. Ian Andrew Palko SSPX
  • Durer’s Melencolia I: An Iconographical Analysis, by Jane Spencer
  • St. Luke’s Guild: A Contemporary Beginning, by A member of St. Luke’s Guild
  • Ora et Labora: At the Heart of the SMA Art Program, by Abigael Quain
  • Imitation as Innovation? The Regressive Revolution of AI Art, by Jonathan Wanner
  • Grace Unfolding In the Soul of T.S. Eliot, by Dr. Matthew Childs
  • What Do Catholics Believe About Icons? , by David Clayton
  • City under Siege: Sonnets & Other Verse, by Reviewed by Brendan D. King
  • INTERVIEW  My Path to Tradition, by Mark Tabish
  • LEXICON OF THE CRISIS  “Redemption” , by Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX
  • THEOLOGICAL STUDIES The Ceremony of Death, by Pauper Peregrinus
FROM THE ARCHBISHOP  Naturalism in the Renaissance and Protestantism, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

SCRIPTURAL STUDIES  Meditations on St. John’s Gospel—Chapter Twenty, by Pater Inutilis

The Last Word, by Fr. David Sherry, SSPX

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A wonderful magazine

I really enjoyed this issue. Being my first, and not being a usual magazine reader, I found the articles great and informative. I am looking forward to the next issue.