Angelus - June 1981

Angelus Press


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  • The Doctrine of the True Presence - Blessed Juliana of Mount Cornillon
  • Divided Church - A Young Catholic studen at Oxford University's View
  • The Order of Melchisedech - A Sermon by St. Ambrose
  • Children of the Novus Order, Part III
  • An Unforgettable Easter in the Holy Land
  • Angel Talk - For Children
  • The Dedication of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Kansas City
  • Mexico and the Church
  • Letter to Friends and Benefactors #1
  • Bob Rodriguez Invested in Benedictine Habit
  • Letter to Our Readers
  • The New Priests of the SSPX
  • Question and Answer
    • Was Bobby Sands a real martyr, or did he die a suicide death?
    • What are so-called "Forbidden Times" of marriage?
    • Did I read in the Bible that God did not approve of court jesters or people who acted as though they were idiots?