Angelus - June 1985

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  • The Raccolta, Prayers to the Sacred Heart
  • St. Joseph's Shrine in Armada, MI - Annual SSPX Priest' Retreat
  • Priestly Ordinations at Ridgefield: Fr. Christopher Brandler, Fr. Gregory Foley, Fr. Loren Gerspacher, Fr. John Rizzo
  • New Brief
    • Masons Blasted By Vatican
    • Kneeling for Communion not a criminal offense Court Rules
    • Arns Calls Boff Silencing "Greatest Suffering in My Life"
    • Vatican Stresses Distinctions Between Clergy and Laity
    • Franciscans Respond to Pope, "Too Late Now To Turn Back"
  • Poem: The Beautiful Hands of  a Priest
  • Cardinal Newman, Rebuking Sin (A Sermon for the Feast of St. John the Baptist)
  • Fr. Philip Stark, The Divine Office at Econe
  • Fr. Joseph LeRohettec, Our Blessed Mother Queen of Clergy
  • St. John Eudes, Foundation of Christian Life and Sanctity: Prayer
  • Don Bosco's Madonna, St John Bosco's Dream: The Two Pillars
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: Sermons given in Chicago and St. Louis on the occasion of the priestly ordinations  in 1985
  • R.I.P. - Fifty Years in the service of God: Sister Mary Grace Pachlhofer (June 24, 1935-June 24, 1985)
  • Reprint from The Economist (Oct. 13, 1984), Liberation Theology

Question and Answer

  • When is drunkenness a mortal sin?
  • Why does nobody bow their head when someone speaks the Holy Name of Jesus?
  • Did American Catholic priests ask permission to turn around and face the faithful while celebrating the Mass, or were they ordered to turn around?