Angelus - June 1987

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  • Fr. François Laisney, Ecumenism vs. Catholic Doctrine, Part 2
  • Michael Davies, Book Review: I Believe, by J.P.M. van der Ploeg, O.P.
  • News Brief
    • Poll Shows Catholics Yearn For Slower Pace of Change
    • United Methodist Theologian Honored by Catholic College
    • Firearms Lobby Proposes Saint
    • Ex-Jesuit Plans to Marry
    • Hunthausen Settlement Marks Turning Point in Vatican Relations
    • Catholic Practice Drops in Germany
    • Church Extends Beyond Roman Catholicism, Says Vatican Ecumenist
  • Fr. James Peek, Charity, Traditionally
  • R.I.P. Mother Marie-Gabriel, the sister of Archbishop Lefebvre
  • Poetry
    • Hymn For Pentecost, by James Clarence Mangan
    • Last Rally, by Clifford J. Laube
    • Against Despair, by Sister Mary Ada, C.S.J.
  • St. Eusebius
  • Douglas W. Quinlivan-Hall, Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  • Encyclical Letter of St. Pius X, The Sillon, Part 2
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, To Preserve the Faith

Question and Answer

  • What does the Church say about collecting interest?
  • If the Pope is infallible, why did the Church wait until Vatican I Council in 1870 to declare it?
  • When was the Council of Trent and what did it do? Why is it rated above Vatican II?