Angelus Jun 1988

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  • Fr. Schmidberger, Errors in the Crisis: Collegiality, Ecumenism, The New Liturgy
  • Pro Life and Marathon Runner Greg Grimer Gains Support of His Country England
  • Wayne Nichols, An Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre: Objections Answered
  • Dr. Urs von Balthasar, The True Background of EcíÇne
  • News Brief
    • Two Americans Among 25 Named New Cardinals By Pope John Paul
    • Updating African Hymnal: "Must We Portray Jesus as White?"
    • Rev. Charles Curran Charges Catholic U. With Reneging on Offer; Reinstates Suit
    • Detective Resigns Force; Abortion Arrests "compromised" beliefs
    • Chicago Archdiocese to take over dignity-sponsored Masses
    • Dublin Priest writes the reasons why people don't come to Mass anymore in a comical yet poignant piece in his parish paper "Ten Reasons Why I Never Wash"
    • Theologian Warns Against Vatican Attempts to Control Dissent
    • North Carolina Child Suspended for Preaching in Schoolyard
    • Detectice Sees Link Between Crime - Satanism
    • Catholics Detest Renovations to Cathedral Altar
  • A Belloc Prophecy of the fate of the Church liturgy since Vatican II in his book The Four Men, published in 1912
  • The Plight of the Papist Seminarian
  • Christ the King Priory in Alabama - Benedictine Monastery

Question and Answer

  • Could the "Vatican-Moscow Agreement" as acknowledged by "The Fatima Crusader" magazine been the reason why Archbishop Lefebvre's and the 450 prelates' petition for a Council condemnation of Communism was silenced?