Angelus - June 1992

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  • The Archbishop Speaks, Sermon given by Archbishop Lefebvre on the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul
  • Michael Davies, Archbishop Lefebvre and the Reign of Christ the King, Part 1
  • David Henschell, Watch Ye and Pray: Suggestions for a Holy Hour
  • Fr. Jean-Luc Lafitte, The "New Age"
  • History of the Church: A Chosen People
  • St. Antony of Padua
  • John Meade, Even in Death, as in Life: The Traditional Church in Cork, Ireland
  • Devotion the Blessed Sacrament in the Life and Teaching of Fr. Colin, Founder of the Marists
  • St. Francis de Sales, A Mother's View: Perfection for the Pretty Woman: Letter To a Married Woman
  • Ambrose Observes, artists and literature in colleges today
  • Cum Grano Salis: News and Updates
  • Question and Answer
    • What is the history of the nine First Fridays and their requirements?
    • What is the history of the five First Saturdays and their requirements?
    • What is servile work and why is it prohibited on Sundays and Holydays?