Angelus - June 1993

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Articles: Fatherhood
  • Prayer Crusade for Vocations
  • The Archbishop Speaks, Interview with Jose Hanu and Archbishop Lefebvre, Part 7 - details about his work in Africa
  • Charles A. Coulombe, A Good Man of Religion
  • Dominican Sisters, Parent's Meeting: Charity and how it is necessary if we are to live a truly Christian life
  • Fr. Mare van Es, The Attendance at Today’s Sunday Masses
  • Stealing a Catholic’s Birthright
  • Dr. David Allen White, Ambrose Observes: Father’s Day
  • Mrs. Paul Middlemore, A Mother’s View: The Story of a Family - the story of the the family of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
  • Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, Fatherhood

Question and Answer

  • What measures must be taken to preserve one’s life in the case of terminally ill patients or perpetually comatose patients? Who is morally obliged to have health insurance? Who is morally excused from having it?
  • Can you tell me something about the Legionaries of Christ? Are they a traditional order?  


  • Catholics in Surrender!