Angelus - June 1998

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Articles: The Name of God
  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: The Mystery of Jesus (the sixteenth of a series of conferences given to the seminarians at Ecône from November 1977 - March 1979)
  • Brother Augustine, Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski, I Am Who Am: God's Chosen Name
  • A Polish Jesuit Chooses Tradition: The Story of Fr. Wesolek's return to tradition and his ordination 11 years after the end of Vatican II
  • Marc S. Fisher, And Holy Is His Name
  • Edwin Faust, Pilgrimage: Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, Enfield, New Hampshire
  • Mark Fellows, Book Review: Liberalism and Catholicism, by Fr. A Roussel
  • The Missing Appendix: In his letter of May, 1998, to priests, Bishop Fellay quoted an appendix which was not translated from the French original for the new English publication of Liberalism and Catholicism by Angelus Press. This appendix specifically referred tot he influence of Liberalism in the French clergy. Yet, standing as a profound analysis of Liberalism and Liberalism's contamination of the Church throughout the 19th century, it is an excellent tool for laymen as well.
  • Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer, Overcome Evil in Good: Vows and their importance

Catholic Family

  • Fr. Helmuts Libietis, Keeping Your Marriage Together
  • Colleen Drippé, Child's Eye View
  • Apologetics for Beginners

Question and Answer

  • The sedevacantists really love the Church? Do they not judge Pope John Paul II personally, as they say?
  • Are the Church's disciplinary laws infallible?
  • Since I cannot easily get to a traditional church, could you change the requirements for gaining indulgences, so that I can gain them?