Angelus - June 1999

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Articles: Jubilee 2000

  • Archibishop Marcel Lefebvre, Pastoral Letters: Confidence in God's Grace and in Christian Africa
  • Fr. Alain Delagneau, Catholic Education, Part 5
  • Jubilee 2000
  • Dr. Justin Walsh, A Persistent American Prejudice, Part 1: Protestant Nativism and the Roman Catholic Church, 1830-1870
  • Fr. Peter Scott Responds to Bishop Fiorenza
  • Fr. Peter Chojnowski, The Present Process for Canonization and Beatification
  • Frank Carty, The Return of Caiaphas

Catholic Family

  • Kristina Gabalaski, A Garden for Our Lady
    • Symbols of Mary
    • Ten Flowers of Our Lady
  • Your Soul Responsibility, Part 5: The Baby at 15 months
  • Catholic Shrines in America: The Grotto - The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, OR
  • St. Maximilian Kolbe, Mary Our Help-Intermediary of Graces
  • Apologetics for Beginners: Robert Schubert's presentation of the means that Christ instituted to make sure the truth would be handed down to our day

Question and Answer

  • If the correct intention is necessary for the validity of a sacrament, how could Protestant baptisms be valid, and how could Masses celebrated by modernist priests who deny the Real Presence be valid?
  • A friend of mine was raised Catholic, fell away from the Church , and married a non-Catholic person outside the Church. She has now divorced him. Is he free to remarry?

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