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Since 1978, The Angelus has examined serious Catholic thought
on faith, culture, morality, and family life. Today, after more than thirty years,
The Angelus continues to represent a bastion of traditional Catholic teaching.

We encourage you to read The Angelus for yourself and for your family.

Themes for 2024 -2025 

January/February 2024: Separation of Church & State

March/April 2024: Traditional Catholic Devotions 

May/June 2024: Music/Gregorian Chant

July/August 2024: New to Tradition 

September/October 2024: The Spiritual Life 

November/December 2024: SSPX History 

January/February 2024: Technology & Medical Ethics 

March/April 2024: History, Counter-Reformation

May/June 2024: Motherhood 

July/August 2024: Fatherhood

September/October 2024: Vocations/Priesthood

November/December 2024: Approaching the Bible