Angelus Mar 1983

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Articles: St. Joseph

  • Letter to the Apostolic Delegate
  • From Don Bosco's "Madonna," Where Devil Worship Leads
  • Andre Lemieux, News from Ecône
  • Emma Norris, Blessed Be Saint Joseph
  • The Undelivered Letter of Archbishop Dwyer
  • The Annunciation and The Angelus
  • Msgr. Knox, St. Gregory the Great
  • J. Augustine, Observations On the Expression the "True Mass"
  • Fr. Philip Stark, Deaths of Msgr. Edward T. Gilbert and Fr. William Joseph Boat
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • We are followers of the Faith of our Baptism and our family (brothers and sisters) treat us like outcasts. It's to the point now where we can no longer attend gatherings of relatives. They all have children who are divorced and many nieces and nephews have joined the Protestant church. This is all accepted, but if you stand up for your true Faith you are "all wrong." Shall we do a complete "drop out" or stay and fight them?
    • Please inform me what material scapulars should be made of. I thought they needed to be brown wool, but have been told that brown cloth is acceptable.
    • Why do we not have more participation at the Latin Mass? Why cannot we answer the server's prayers or sing the Ordinary parts of the High Mass?