Angelus - March 1985

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  • Paul Crane, S.J., Against the Tide: Review of Michael Davies' Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre, Vol II
  • Reprint from The Economist (Feb. 2, 1985): The Next Stage in the Pope's Counter-Attack
  • Gerard Rusak, News from Econe
  • The Church Since Vatican II, Part 3
  • News Brief
    • Bishop Malones Defends Vatican Lifting of Imprimatur
    • Suspension Ultimatum Issued to Nicaraguan Priests
    • Woman named Chancellor of Archdiocese of San Francisco
    • Vatican Approves Liturgy for Use by Former Episcopalians
    • November Synod Draws Mixed Reaction
    • Letter Reveals Schillebeeckx Retracts Earlier Position
    • Superiors "Still Deciding" How to React to Vatican Ultrimatum
  • Mary Gentges, Holy Week in St. Marys, Kansas
  • Ridgefield Diary, Consecration of the SSPX to Our Lady
  • Emanuel Valenza, Christ Among Us by Fr. Anthony Wilhelm
  • Archbishop Lefebvre Honored by Gabon
  • Poem: Margaret Conway, The Annunciation

Question and Answer

  • Which way and from which side of the church do the Stations of the Cross begin?
  • What is the Catholic Church's present-day position on "sanctuary"?