Angelus Mar 1992

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Articles: "The Servant of Jesus Christ set aside to preach the Gospel of God."

  • Extracts from the French Review "Si Si No No," The Dating of the Gospels, Part 2
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Infiltration of Modernism in the Church
  • Stephen Cannon, Gregory the Great, How he built the future
  • St. Jude Roman Catholic Church in Eddystone, PA is Started
  • Fr. Patrice Laroche, How to Fight Successfully Against Contraception Among Catholic Couples
  • Mr. Larry Wethington, Chastity As Opposed to Birth Control
  • Emanuel Valenza, Watch
  • Talks Given by the Dominican Teaching Sisters, Part 1, Education of Children
  • Felix Gros, Three Faces of Liberalism
  • Ambrose Observes, John Berryman
  • Cum Grano Salis: News and Updates
  • Question and Answer
    • How can a minister, whose denomination formally rejects the very existence of sacraments, intend to do what the Church does when baptizing a person? Should a convert be conditionally re-baptized?