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Theme: Music in Catholic Culture


  • Letter from the Publisher, Fr. Arnaud Rostand, SSPX

Music in Catholic Culture

  • Fr. Herví de la Tour: Restoring Our Musical Tradition
  • Jeffrey Peek: Some Thoughts on Music
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski: Music as the Pathway to Beauty and Goodness
  • Fr. Leonard Amselgruber: Why Do We Sing in Church?

Faith and Morals

  • Fr. Albert, O.P., God is Simple
  • Fr. Huguez Bergez: The Total Dedication of the Church to God
  • Dr. John Rao: The Individual, the Family, and Catholic Corporate Society
  • St. Pius X: Tra Le Sollecitudini


  • Fr. Emanuel Herkel: St. John Bosco: The Life of a Popular Saint
  • Scott Quinn, Book Review: The War of the Vendee
  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: Our Lord Has Overcome the World

Chrisitan Culture

  • Christopher Check, Rose Hawthorne: From Literati to the Dominicans
  • Michael J. Rayes, How to Work with Your Child's Temperament
  • Stephen Tan: How Learning Music Will Benefit Your Child
  • Fr. Herví© de la Tour, SSPX, The Key to a Long and Fruitful Marriage

?Book Review

  • Fr. Dominique Bourmaud: Spiritual Journey

Questions and Answers

  • Can one retroactively offer for an additional intention a rosary that has already been completed?
  • Is the ceremony of the "Holy Fire" a real and legitimate miracle?


Church and World

  • Extract from the sermon of Bishop Bernard Fellay on Candlemas Day, 2012, at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Winona, Minnesota: The Fight for the Faith Will Continue!
  • Pope Benedict to Canonize Seven Saints next October
  • An Interview with Fr. Franz Schmidberger
  • Syria: What Lies in Store for Christians?


  • Cristina Siccardi: From a Modernist Priest: Praise for Archbishop Lefebvre by Cristina Siccardi

Letters to the Editor

  • The Last Word, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, SSPX