Angelus March 2011

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  • Fr. Markus Heggenberger, Letter from the Editor
  • Fr. Kenneth Novak, The Holy Mass, Heart of the Church 
  • Fr. Adam Purdy,  Consecration to Our Lord Jesus Christ Through St. Joseph 
  • Dr. David Allen White,  The Importance of Language Part 1


  • The Church, The Pope, and The Bishops: the Ancient Doctrine and the New
  • A Few Classical Notions of Ecclesiology
  • The New Doctrine in Lumen Gentium
  • The Evolution of Theology during the Conciliar Years
  • The Declaration Dominus Jesus and Other CDF Texts
  • A Letter of May 27, 2007, to the Chinese

Vatican II

  • Fr. Alain Lorans, FSSPX, "The Terms of the Crisis" Part 2
  • St. Maximilian Kolbe, O.F.M., Conv. "St. Maximilian Kolbe: In His Own Words"Part 2

Church and World:

  • Lawyer Claims Abuse Claims Exaggerated
  • Pakistan: Anti-Christian Persecutions
  • Canada: Society Acquires New Priory in Montreal
  • The Murderer of Young Shazia Bashir Acquitted
  • France: The Bishops of France Refuse to "Shut Themselves Up in a Work of Nostalgic Maintenance"
  • Asia: Diocesan Bishops Collaborate with...the SSPX
  • We Will Not Pray Together in Assisi
  • A Papal Nuncio Speaks Out on Summorum Pontificum
  • Communiqué of the Disctrick of Germany on the Beatification of John Paul II

Questions and Answers:

  • Can a Roman Catholic satisfy his Sunday obligation by attending an Eastern rite Mass?
  • Can the use of artificial birth control ever be without culpability?

The Last Word

  • Ecumenism and Assisi III