Angelus March April 2019 Marian Apparitions

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Theme: Marian Apparitions

  • The Quito Apparition, By Fr. Paul Kimball and Renée Godinez
  • Medjugorje: Facts, Judgments and Problems, by Fr. Pierre Duverger, SSPX
  • Picturing Our Lady: Richard Crashaw’s “The Tear”, by Andrew J. Clarendon
  • Catechism on Private Revelation, by Kevin Symonds
  • A Debate on the Mountain: Our Lady of La Salette, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX, vs. Advocate
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Collect, by Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • Fairy Tales, by Jane Spencer
  • The First Masses in Australia at Botany Bay, by Frank Carleton
  • Build Me a Temple, by a Benedictine Monk
Christian Culture
  • A Marian Catechism in Music: The Ave Maria by Josquin Desprez, by Dr. Andrew Childs
  • Eastern Marian Apparitions, “Orthodoxy” and the West, by John Rao, PhD
  • The Family Meal, by the Sisters of the Society of Saint Pius X
  • Notre-Dame de la Garde, by Dr. Marie-France Hilgar
Questions and Answers, by Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  • Is it a mortal sin, a blasphemy, to say “Oh, my God!”?
  • Many spiritual authors recommend the “practice of the presence of God.” What is it? How is it done?
  • Which are the most ancient extant objects that make reference to the devotion to Our Lady?
News from Tradition
  • Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman
  • Cambodia Commemorates the Fall of Communism
  • Archbishop Viganò Vindicated
  • Faithful Chinese Catholics Abandoned by Pope Francis
Theological Studies
  • The 20th Century Herald, Jacques Maritain, by Prof. Luis Roldán. Translation by Inés de Erausquin
The Last Word, by Fr. Daniel Couture