Angelus March April 2021 Australia and New Zealand

Angelus Press


Theme: Australia and New Zealand
  •  Interview with Fr. Fullerton
  • History of the Catholic Church in Australia, by Fr. Shane Johnson, SSPX
  • William Bernard Ullathorne, by Frank Carleton
  • “Daniel the Great”, by Desmond J. McDonnell
  • Worth a Thousand Words, by Marcus Nyssen
  • Kiwi Catholicism: Interview with Fr. Ian Andrew Palko
  • Meditations on St. John’s Gospel, by Pater Inutilis
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The CanonPart Three, by Fr. Christopher Danel
  • Tough Environments Breed Militant Catholics:
         Protestant Secularist Australia and “Bob” Santamaria
    , by John Rao, D.Phil. Oxon.
  • Life in the Prison of Our Soul, by a Benedictine Monk
 Christian Culture
  • The Trimmin’s on the Rosary, by Msgr. Patrick Joseph Hartigan
  • The Irrelevant Church, by Christopher Fleming
  • Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor, by the Sisters of the SSPX
  • Questions and Answers, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  • Complex Questions & Simple Answers, by Prof. Felix Otten, O.P. and C.F. Pauwels, O.P.
 Theological Studies
  •  Catholic Society vs. the Liberal DisSociety, by A. Laroche
The Last Word, by Fr. David Sherry