Angelus March April 2022 World Between Wars

Angelus Press


THEME: The World Between the Wars


  • Hope in the Incarnate Word: The Unexpected Theme of T.S. Eliot’s Poetry, by Dr. Matthew Childs
  • An Inverted Pose: Culture amid the Wars, by Dr. Andrew Childs


  • CONTEXT - The Nouvelle Théologie versus Neo-Scholasticism, by Fr. Robert MacPherson
  • COMMENTARY - The Distributism of Belloc and Chesterton, by Michael Warren Davis
  • COMMENTARY - The World of Integral Humanism, by Pauper Peregrinus
  • ART - The Art of War, by Prof. David Clayton
  • LITERATURE - Chesterton’s “Ordered Chaos”: Knowledge of Ignorance in The Everlasting Man, by Jonathan Wanner
  • HISTORY - A House Divided Against Itself: Catholic Action and the Interwar Era, by John Rao, D. Phil. Oxon.
  • REVIEW - “In the meantime, In Between Time”: Films Portraying the Interwar Era, by Bridget Bryan


FROM THE ARCHBISHOP - A Knight’s Spiritual Guide, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

LIVES OF THE SAINTS - Innovation with Integrity: Pope St. Pius X Confronts the Modern World, by Dr. Louis Shwartz


  • Karl Rahner: The Greatest Modernist of All Time, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud


  • Meditations on St. John’s Gospel: Chapter Twelve, by Pater Inutilis

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX

THE LAST WORD - Fr. David Sherry, SSPX