Angelus - May 1981

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  • Sermon for Ascension Thurday
  • Letter to Friends and Benefactors #20
  • Poem to Our Lady: Mother Mary
  • Poem for St. Vincent's in Kansas City
  • Angel Talk - For Children
  • St. Vincents - Persevering in Tradition, by Michael Davies
  • The Third Order of the SSPX
  • Father Bolduc recounts the thrilling adventures of the Archbishop among traditional Catholics south of the Mexico border, Part II
  • The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Czestochowa celebrates 600th anniversary in 1982
  • Letter to Our Readers
  • Question and Answer
    • Any decrees laid down by a previous Pope, as in the case of the Pope St. Pius V, could be changed by succeeding Popes and Vatican Councils as was done in Vatican Council II. How do we answer?
    • Many claim that Archbishop Lefebvre was forbidden to ordain men for the priesthood and therefore according to Canon Law, the ones he ordains are not truly ordained priests. How do we answer?