Angelus May 1982

Angelus Press


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  • M. I'Abbe Andre Lemieux, News from Ecône
  • May Poem for Our Lady: Bring Flowers of the Fairest
  • Fr. John Emerson, A Significant Meeting — The "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" group
  • Fr. Eugene Berry, Tu es Sacerdos in Aeternum: Thou Art a Priest Forever
  • Michael Davies, 
  • Phyllis Graham, On Envy: A Sermon by St. Basil
  • Kenneth E. Mick, Another Cause for Weeping
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, I Accuse the Council
  • Erven Park, Know That Which Is Good Know That Which Is Evil
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: From Helsinki to Warsaw
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • Does the Church forbid the use of playing cards?
    • What is wrong with the Ouija Board?
    • Why do bright young men and women these days leave the Catholic Church and join these more fundamentalist, bible-quoting sects?