Angelus May 1983

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Articles: Our Lady

  • Letter to the Apostolic Delegate
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Message of Importance: Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • St. Pius X, Prayer for Clergy
  • St. Joan of Arc
  • Fr. Raoul Plus, Mary as Co-Redemptrix
  • Fr. Werenfried, Peace
  • Cardinal Newman, The Glories of Mary For the Sake of Her Son
  • Reprint from the Tulsa World Newspaper, by Beth Macklin, Vatican May Permit Return of Latin Mass
  • Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • Don Bosco's "Madonna", St. Monica
  • Michael Davies, The Ottaviani Intervention, Part I
  • Question and Answer
    • I quote from the Douay-Rheims version of Holy Scripture: "And when you are praying, speak not much of the heathens, for they think that in their much speaking they may be heard" (St. Matt. 6: 7). How is this teaching conciliated with the recommendation of the Church to pray the Rosary daily? Is it not mechanistic and a repetition of words?
    • After careful study of the Pope's books, poetry, encyclicals, and speeches, my husband and I have reached the sorrowful conclusion that the thought of the Holy Father was radically different at its base from what we believed even though he frequently uttered many pious and orthodox statements. Particularly illuminating in this regard was the series on Original Innocence culled from the Wednesday Addresses and published in The Wanderer.
    • I would like to know if it is against Canon Law for a woman to go to confession face-to-face? 
    • Your monthly letter to the Apostolic Delegate is a good idea. However, since the Apostolic Delegate has not had a good record in correcting abuses, would it not be better to approach the Pope personally with the same letter (with corresponding pictures) for each month?