Angelus - May 1984

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  • Michael Davies, Random Thoughts
  • Gabrielle Lefebvre: A Catholic Mother, Part 1
  • Michael Davies, Barbarians Have Taken Over, Part 4 ( What we must now discover is whether any of this barbarism can be attributed to a mandatory law in the post-conciliar Church. What I mean by mandatory legislation is that a binding and unambiguous law exists commanding bishops to ensure that altars in their diocese are freestanding, and that tabernacles are removed from the high altar. In particular we must distinguish such a binding to do something command from a permission to do something, or a recommendation to do something. We can thus distinguish as follows...)
  • John Rees, Father Enrique T. Rueda: An Exclusive Interview on Liberation Theology with a Distinguished Catholic Scholar and Priest
  • News Brief
    • Vatican Orders Critical Review of "Liberation Theology"
    • Vatican Orders Popular U.S. Catechism Quashed
    • Pope Makes Sweeping Changes in Vatican Government
    • Military Might to Secure Peace Endorsed by Pope
    • Vatican Says Third-Party Sperm for Test Tube Babies Immoral
  • James Taylor, Book Review: The Restoration fo Christian Culture, by John Senior
  • Ridgefield Diary: The New Chapel
  • The Archbishop's Press Conference (Paris, December 9, 1983)

Question and Answer

  • What did Pope Pius XII say in 1951 to the midwives of Italy on the subject of temporal abstinence (Natural Family Planning)?