Angelus - May 1986

Angelus Press


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Articles: St. Francis Xavier, Patron of Missions

  • News Brief
    • Vatican Issues Warning Against Unauthorized Exorcisms
    • Vatican Issues "Positive" Statement on Liberation Theology
    • Surge of Catholic Laity in Seminaries Signals New Era for Church
    • Pope Laments Decline in Confessions in Message to Clergy
  • May: Month of Our Lady - The Relevance of the Hail Holy Queen and the Litany of Loretto
  • Dedication of the Chapel of St. Joseph in San Antonio, TX
  • The Priories where the SSPX Sisters work
  • SSPX Expands to India
  • May, The Month of the Queenship of Mary
  • Timothy McDonnell, Ordinations at Ridgefield: Frs. Haynos, Gonzales, and Ward
  • St. Francis in the Indies
  • Sr. Marie Mechtilde, C.D., The Story of Hermann Cohen who became Brother Augustine-Marie, part 2

Question and Answer

  • What is the SSPX's stand on modesty in dress?
  • How can Our Lady be sorrowful if we are only supposed to feel joy and happiness in heaven?