Angelus - May 1988

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  • Malcolm Brennan, Basic Higher Catholic Education
  • Rev. Lawrence Browning, C.P., If We But Realized The Gift of God
  • News Brief
    • Lefebvre Followers Moving to "Stricter Moral Climate" of Minnesota
  • F.E. Callaghan, Flippity-Flop: Comments on the Holy Father Flip Flopping the Conciliar Church
  • Letter from the Seminarians of St. Thomas Aquinas: Return from Easter Vacation
  • Fr. Edmund Gennings: A Priest-Martyr of the English Reformation
  • Robert H. Hassell, The Dowery of Mary: The English Church on the Eve of Reformation
  • SSPX Opens New Seminary: Holy Cross Seminary in Australia
  • Story of the life of a Carmelite at the Carmel of the Holy Trinity
  • Fr. Krupa, O.F.M., In the Chains of the Hammer and Sickle - A Hungarian Priest's Personal Account of His Prison Experiences, Part 8 (Conclusion)

Question and Answer

  • Is there such a thing as a "Rosary of St. Joseph?"
  • What of an "unenrolled" scapular wearer?
  • What steps must one do to come back to the Church if one is married two times with children?