Angelus - May 1995

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Articles: The Coming Judgment

  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, Letter #48 to Friends and Benefactors
  • Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, Commentary: Evangelium Vitae (The Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II, on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life).
  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, The Influence of Fr. Bugnini (The fourth excerpt from a conference given by Archbishop Lefebvre at Montreal, Canada in 1982. He discusses the incredible influence in Rome of the author of the Novus Ordo - Fr. Annibale Bugnini.)
  • Andrew Lisle, The End of Times: Prayer of Paranoia
  • Suzanne M. Rini, Apocalypse Me
  • The Pertinacity of St. Patrick
  • Edwin Faust: Apocalypse in Disneyworld
  • Mrs. Paul Middlemore, A Mother's View: The Final Judgement
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Teaching Christendom: Can the concept of Christendom be taught to the young?
  • Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, The End of All Things; The Beginning of New Things

Question and Answer

  • Why does the SSPX permit the "pernicious" custom of displaying the national flag in the sanctuary?
  • If carrying the crosier is a sign of jurisdiction, why do the bishops of the SSPX, who claim no jurisdiction, carry it?