Angelus - May 2005

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Articles: The Conversion Tale of Fr. Owen Francis Dudley

  • Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, Sign, Faith, and Society
  • Carol Robinson, Job Hunting Versus Vocation
  • Bishop Fellay's Sermon at St. Mary's
  • Catholic Family
    • Fr. Stephen Somerville, Canadian North American Martyrs Pilgrimage
    • Mrs. Colleen Drippé, Toy Power
  • Fr. Owen F. Dudley, The Conversion Tale of Fr. Owen F. Dudley
  • Fr. John Jenkins, News From the Eastern Front
  • Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivré, The Blessed Virgin

Question and Answer

  • Some people maintain that the withdrawal of hydration and nutrition from Terri Schiavo (+March 30, 2005) was not immoral. Do they have any solid reason for affirming this?