Angelus May 2007

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  • Fr. Kenneth Novak, Letter From the Editor
  • Fr. Matthias Gaudron, Catechism of the Crisis in the Church
  • Fr. Patrice LaRoche, The Conversion of Muslims in the West
  • Fr. Xavier Beauvais, Male and Female He Created Them
  • Fr. Robert F. Swenson, By What Authority?
  • Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivré, Adapting to Christ's Mentality
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, Letter to Friends and Benefactors #70
  • Fr. Peter Scott, Commentary on Pope Benedict XVI's "Sacramentum Caritatis"
  • Martin Peltier, The Swiss Guard
  • Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivré, Word and Affection


  • Free the Mass and the Face of the Earth Shall Be Renewed
  • Must We Attend a "Protestantized" Mass?

Question and Answer

  • Is it permissible for a Catholic to speculate on the stock market or on the international currency exchange market?
  • Is it good for laymen, untrained in theology and philosophy, to read papal encyclicals?

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