Angelus May 2009

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  • Fr. Markus Heggenberger, Letter from the Editor
  • Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, Combat for the Faith
  • Interview with Fr. Arnaud Rostand
  • Fr. Peter Gumpel, S.J., Pius XII and the Attitude of the Catholic Church During World War II, Part 1
  • Fr. Philippe Toulza, Pope Benedict's Gesture - Tradition's Venture
  • Fr. Regis de Cacqueray, The Society's Strategy
  • Jacques Delorme, The Morality of Video Games
  • Fr. Matthias Gaudron, Catechism of the Crisis in the Church, Part 22


  • The Blindness of Catholics

Church and World

  • Homage to Pius XII, Seventy Years After His Election
  • Interview of Bishop Bernard Fellay in Le Courrier of February 26, 2009
  • Benedict XVI Rises Up Against Multiplication of Marriage Annulments
  • United States: Cardinal Speaks about Possibility of Married Priests
  • Thine Eyes - A Witness to the March for Life

Question and Answer

  • Do I have to pray for Pope Benedict XVI's intentions to gain indulgences?
  • Can I advise friends to attend the traditional Masses of priests ordained in the new rite?