Angelus May-June 2016 "Mercy"

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Theme: The True Notion of Mercy

  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart, by Fr. Pierre Duverger, SSPX
  • The Jubilee of Mercy - and the Participation of the Society of Saint Pius X, SSPX Headquarters, Menzingen, Switzerland
  • "You Visited Me", interview with Mike Banschbach on Prison Ministry 
  • The Visitation Order, by Fr. Jonathan Loop, SSPX
  • The Whole Law - Meditations on the Gospel (John 13:1, 33-35), by Bishop Jacques Benigne Bossuet

Faith and Morals

  • Paschaltide and Ascension, by Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • Haurietis Aquas, extracts from the Encyclical of Pius XII on the Sacred Heart (May 15, 1956)


  • An Anti-Liberal Theologian, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX
  • The Order of Charity, by a Benedictine Monk

Christian Culture

  • Invention and Exaltation, by Daniel Mitsui
  • Paintings of the Crucifixion, by Daniel Mitsui
  • Spiritual Infancy in Old Age, by Michael J. Rayes
  • Educating Boys, Advice from the Sisters of the Society of St. Pius X
  • The St. Mary's Down Under, Interview with Fr. Michael Fortin, SSPX

Question and Answer

  • Has the Pope's new book (The Name of God is Mercy) been analyzed critically by theologians?
  • Could you mention some positive things [about the book]? 
  • What does the Holy Father say about confession?
  • Does the Pope explain his famous comment "Who am I to judge"?
  • Does Pope Francis seem to focus on certain Pharisaism among Catholics?
  • Are the Pope's words on relativism a needed corrective to other things he has said?
  • Cannot we also speak of moral relativism with what the Pope said, about artificial birth control and the Zika virus?
  • What of the notion of "graduality"?
  • Are there any salutary reminders in text on divine mercy?

News from Tradition

  • Archbishop Robert Carlson and the Girl Scouts
  • Celebrating the Lutheran Heretical Revolt?
  • Pope Francis and the Mandatum
  • Islamic State Continues Its Attacks on Christianity
  • United States: ISIS declared guilty of "genocide"

Theological Studies

  • Reflections on the Jubilee and Mercy, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX

The Last Word by Fr. Daniel Couture