Angelus May June 2022 American Imagination

Angelus Press


The Angelus MAY - JUNE 2022
THEME: Catholicism and the American Imagination
  • Walker Percy’s Search Paul Guenzel
  • The Redemption of Lydia Longley Dr. William Edmund Fahey
  • Innovation & Isolation: Charles Ives and the American Voice Dr. Andrew Childs
  • CONTEXT Russell Kirk’s Catholic Mind, by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warren Davis
  • COMMENTARY The Cogitation of Henry Adams, by Michael Warren Davis
  • LITERATURE The Blood-Shot Eyes of Tradition: Cather’s Catholic Imagination, by Jonathan Wanner
  • LITERATURE Flannery O’Connor: Vulnerability and Hope, by William Gonch, Ph. D.
  • ART Gothic Revival, by Andrew Latham
  • HISTORY Catholicism, the American Imagination, and the Pluralist Beast, by John Rao, D. Phil. Oxon.
  • SAINTS Two of America’s Best Bridget Bryan
  • REVIEW Katy Carl Reviews Nick Ripatrazone’s Longing for an Absent God, by Katy Carl
  • FROM THE ARCHBISHOP Direct Our Hearts to Mary, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
  • QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  • SCRIPTURAL STUDIES Meditations on St. John’s Gospel: Chapter Thirteen, by Pater Inutilis
  • THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Who Then Can Be Saved?, by Pauper Peregrinus
THE LAST WORD Fr. David Sherry, SSPX