Angelus - November 1982

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Articles: St. John of the Cross

  • Philip Caraman, Elizabethan Catholics and the Mass, Part 2
  • Mary E. Gentges, News From St. Mary's College
  • Andre Lemieux, News from Ecône
  • Joan Diehl, St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • Campos Speaks to the Church
  • Letter to the Apostolic Delegate
  • Fr. Philip M. Stark, Catholic Doctrine on Purgatory
  • Fr. Philip M. Stark, SSPX in North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Emma Norris, Introibo ad Altare Dei
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • To what extent does a priest have to form an intention of saying Mass? Does it have to be explicit, or is it sufficient for a priest to attentively say the words of consecration? Is it enough to have an intention such as "to do what the Church intends," or must a priest specifically intend to offer the Body and Blood of Christ to the Father in sacrifice? The question seems important in deciding whether certain novus ordo masses are valid or not.
    • There are many wolves in sheep's clothing, taking aggressive advantage of the remnant who desire only to remain faithful Roman Catholics. Is it a breach of propriety to question a priest concerning his canonical credentials? Do we not need to address the issue of credentials with priests with so many men of questionable validity going about now?