Angelus - November 1983

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Articles: St. Cecilia

  • Letter to the Apostolic Delegate: Compassion
  • André Lemieux, News from Ecône
  • Michael Davies, Pope Paul's New Mass and the New Code of Canon Law
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bracht, The Rejection of God in Politics, Part 2
  • Alison Diehl, Poem: The Moment of Consecration
  • Bishop Richard Challoner, On the Commemoration of All Souls
  • Msgr. Ronald Knox, St. Cecilia
  • Letter to Readers from Editor
  • Dr. Malcolm Brennen, The Poor Souls
  • Question and Answer
    • In your September issue, Fr. Schmidberger, in his article, "The Work of Redemption," lists democracy as one of the "-isms" "which work to destroy the Church and society." Frankly, I consider my birth in the United States as God's greatest material gift to me, second only to my conversion to the Church. Why is democracy an enemy?
    • Why is it that the Society of St. Pius X follows the old calendar of saints and not the "new" calendar. I am glad they don't follow the new, but I wonder why.