Angelus - November 1984

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  • Statement of Fr. Franz Schmidberger
  • Daniel Neyer, The Traditionalist Movement and the Pro-Life Movement
  • News Brief
    • U.S. Catholic LIturgists Angry at Approval of Old Mass Rite
    • Continence Releases Tension, Pope Says
    • French Catholics will resume "Meatless Fridays"
    • Catholic Bishops Begin to Shift Tactics on Abortion Issue
  • Cardinal Newman, Prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • Michael Davies, The Church Since Vatican II
  • St. Charles Borromeo
  • Ridgefield Diary: New Seminarians at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary
  • Letter from the Congregation for Divine Worship to the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences
  • Edward O'Brien, Jr., Passing Through Hellas
  • Requests to the Vatican from laypeople for the old Mass rite.
  • Fr. Philip M. Stark, Book Review: The Pope and the Jesuits, by James Hitchcock
  • F. J. Sheed, Death Hell Purgatory

Question and Answer

  • Is it permissible to place an animal part into a human body? (Concerning the baboon heart transplant for Baby Fae)
  • Regarding the first prayer of the Canon of the Mass (et Antistite nostro) for whom do we pray?