Angelus Nov 1985

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  • Fr. Joseph Rickaby, Everlasting Death
  • Gerard Rusak, News from EcíÇne
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • Archbishop Lefebvre Blesses the New Carmel for the Six Carmelites in Pennsylvania
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Our Father, Part 3
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Press Release Concerning the Synod of Bishops
  • Blessed Elizabeht of the Trinity
  • Michael Davies, Archbishop Turns 80 years old
  • Dr. Cyril Daly, The Sunday Afternoon of Three Archbishops (reprint from The Irish Medical Times, Oct. 11, 1985)

Question and Answer

  • Do you say the names of the Pope and Bishops during your Masses?
  • Do you put the name of St. Joseph into the Canon as ordered by Pope John XXIII?