Angelus - November 1986

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Articles: St. Andrew

  • Michael Davies, Book Review: The Ratzinger Report, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • John Henry Cardinal Newman, Tears of Christ
  • News Brief
    • Archbishop Lefebvre Open Church in Glasgow
    • Hunthausen, Vatican Exchange Charges As Dispute Escalates
    • Vatican Document Urges More Severe Stand Against Homosexuals
    • Laity in Catholic Seminaries Criticized in First Vatican Report
    • Canadian Bishop Says Church Cannot Evade Issue of Women Priests
    • Liturgical Vestments for Women Displayed at Catholic Meeting
    • Fr. Schillebeeckx Under Attack for Book on Nature of the Priesthood
  • Fr. Gregory Foley, Purgatory
  • St. Anthony Mary Claret, Tails Vita, Finis Ita... How many souls go to hell
  • St. Augustine, City of God, Book XVIII, Ch. 51
  • James Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith of Our Fathers: Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead

Question and Answer

  • How do Mass stipends work for a funeral?
  • Is it permitted by Canon Law for a lay person to read the Gospel to the congregation?
  • What is your opinion on the new wave of heart transplants, especially on babies?
  • What of this practice of sperm banks, frozen fetuses, fertilization in vitro, and the surrogate mother?
  • Is it allowed to donate one's body to science after death?