Angelus - November 1988

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  • Don Bosco, Madonna: Let Us Be Grateful
  • November: Poor Souls Month - The Dead are Silent
  • James Taylor, Restoration of Catholic Education, Part 2
  • St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Anguish of Dying Christians Who Have Been Negligent During Life about the Duties of Religion
  • Wayne Nichols, In Defense of the Truth
  • News Brief
    • Vatican Delays Document on Rights of Bishops and Theologians
    • Bishops Ask Vatican to Scrap Paper on Episcopal Conferences
    • Bishops Spell Out Rights of Laity to Preach in Church
    • Pope Warns Theologians Not to Question Ban on Contraception
  • Fr. Hervé de la Tour, Soldiers for Christ: Commencement Address at St. Mary's Academy 1988
  • Emanuel Valenza, Dignitatis Humanae - Liberty or License? - A Better Understanding on the Vatican II Document "The Declaration of Religious Liberty"
  • John Henry Cardinal Newman, A Short Road to Perfection (September 27, 1856)

Question and Answer

  • Why has Rome recognized an "Anglican Rite" missal but makes such a fuss over Archbishop Lefebvre's maintaining the traditional Roman Rite?
  • Can a woman be ordained a priest?