Angelus November-December 2012

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Theme: Confession: God's Gift to the Soul


  • Letter from the Publisher, Fr. Arnaud Rostand, SSPX


  • Fr. Pierre Duverger: The Mercy of God
  • Fr. Dominique Bourmaud: Balm of Penance
  • Fr. Daniel Chavarria: Examination of Conscience
  • Dr. Randall Flanery: The Practice of Confession
  • Fr. Christopher Brandler: The Boon of Confession

Faith and Morals

  • Fr. Hugues Bergez: A Mysterious Action of Christ
  • Dr. John Rao: When Private Penance is Not Enough
  • Catechism of the Council of Trent: Tridentine Teaching on Confession


  • Fr. Jonathan Loop: An Apologetical Look at Confession
  • Brendan King: At the Feet of the Virgin: The Life and Martyrdom of Fr. Leo Henrichs, O.F.M.

Chrisitan Culture

  • Zuzana Killam: Perspective on Stained Glass
  • Fr. Emanuel Herkel: St. John the Baptist: Innocence and Penitence
  • Michael Rayes: Ten Ways to Improve the Catholicity of Your Marriage

Questions and Answers

  • Can God lead us into tempation?
  • How did the Holy Innocents go to heaven?
  • Would it be sinful to omit the meal prayers in public and at work among non-Catholics?

Church and World

  • An interview with Fr. Niklaus Pfluger: "We're back to square one"
  • Communiquí© of the General House of the Society of St. Pius X, October 24, 2012
  • Kenya: A Missionary Sister of Jesus and Mary Takes the Habit
  • Ordinations at the Benedictine Monastery at Bellaigue, France

Courrier de Rome

  • Roberto de Mattei: From Hermeneutics to History: The Key to Understanding Vatican II

Letters to the Editor

  • The Last Word, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, SSPX