Angelus November December 2022 Victorian Era

Angelus Press


Newman and the Victorian Era, by Fr. Yuhanna Azize

  • Commentary: The Eternal Woman and Creaturely Conversion, by Isabella Childs
  • Literature: The Two-Toned Voice of Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Jonathan Wanner
  • History: A “Stupid Nineteenth Century”?, by John Rao, D.Phil., Oxon.
  • Art: The Fresco of the Mother of God Enthroned in Glory, by Prof. David Clayton
  • Poetry: A Child of the Snow, by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
  • Review: Seven Sacraments: The Traditional vs. the New Rites, by Reviewed by a Priest of the Society
  • Review: The Case for Liturgical Restoration, by Reviewed by a Priest of the Society
  • From the Archbishop: Christ, the Only Mediator, by Abp. Marcel Lefebvre
  • Interview: My Path to Tradition, by Dorian Arnold
  • Theological Studies: Pius XII’s Clarifications on the Nature of the Episcopate, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX
  • Theological Studies: England and the Immaculate Conception, by Pauper Peregrinus
  • Scriptural Studies: Meditations on St. John’s Gospel—Chapter Fifteen, by Pater Inutilis
Questions & Answers, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX
THE LAST WORD, by Fr. David Sherry, SSPX