Angelus November December 2023 Catholicism at the Edge of the World

Angelus Press


THEME: Catholicism at the Edge of the World
  • The Bible, the Bush, and Salvation: Can All Be Saved?  By, Fr. Jonah Garno, SSPX
  • The Forgotten World: The Failure of the Catholic Mission to Aotearoa - By, Fr. Ian Palko, SSPX
  • The Paris Foreign Missions Society and Catholic Evangelization in Southeast Asia: A Brief Overview - By, Angeline Tan
  • HISTORY  The Splendors and Miseries of the Spanish American Missions - By, John Rao, D.Phil. Oxon.
  • ART  The Miraculous Features of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - By, Prof. David Clayton
  • BOOK REVIEW  Discovering the Wonders of Femininity with Fr. Karl Stehlin’s The Dignity, Mission and Vocation of Women - By, Amanda Evinger
  • INTERVIEW  My Path to Tradition - By, Steven Farley
  • THEOLOGICAL STUDIES  Why Does the Church Have Missionaries? - By, Pauper Peregrinus
  • LITURGICAL STUDIES  Thematic Unity in the Final Sundays after Pentecost and its Disappearance in the Liturgical Reforms - By, Matthew Hazell
  • FROM THE ARCHBISHOP  The Problematic Nature of the Schemata of Vatican II - By, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

THE LAST WORD - By, Fr. David Sherry, SSPX