Angelus - October 1982

Angelus Press


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Articles: Blessed Be Those Who Live in Peace

  • Philip Caramon, Elizabethan Catholics and the Mass, Part 1
  • St. Gerard Majella, Patron saint of mothers and their children
  • Canon Bertho, The New Mass
  • James S. Taylor, The Marian Pilgrimage to St. Mary's
  • Angel Talk, Saints Crossword Puzzle
  • Joseph Martinez, The Charismatic "Renewal"
  • Michael Davies, The Gift of Faith, Part 2
  • And Now...Some Good News! Judge Orders Two Altars Replaced in Church, New Haven, Mo.
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • Situation ethics morality - what is that?
    • Recently I have been told by a local priest that he read in a "Catholic" publication that our Archbishop was retiring this year. A new bishop will succeed him shortly as Superior General of the Society. Could you please tell me if this is true? Who is the new bishop?
    • Is it true what some people say that Albert Einstein was an atheist?
    • Does the teaching of Christ make war unjustifiable? How about nuclear war?
    • Why are women required to wear a hat or veil in a Catholic Church?
    • I have grave reservations about some of the things going on in my parish. Is it permissible for communicants to take Communion in the hand and then dip it in the wine before consuming it?