Angelus - October 1983

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  • Letter to the Apostolic Delegate: Dancing Girls in the Sanctuary
  • Fr. Doulas Laudenschlager, The Divine Office
  • Philip Caraman, St. Margaret Giggs
  • Sister Mary Raphael, The Archangel Raphael
  • Fr. Michael Clifton, The Holy Rosary
  • St. Michael Archangel Church established in Farmingville, NY
  • Michael Davies, True and False Obedience, Part 2
  • Letter to Readers
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bracht, The Rejection of God in Politics, Part 1
  • Question and Answer
    • Warn Catholics about the Protestantism of the New Mass. But tell them also about the beauty and goodness of the Eastern Liturgy. During the reign of His Holiness Pius XI, the Holy Father often expressed a wish that Catholics of the Latin Rite should become more familiar with the history, religious life and present state of the Eastern Church. Pope Benedict XV said also, "The Church of Jesus Christ is neither Latin nor Greek, nor Slav, but Catholic: Accordingly she makes no difference between her children, and Greeks, Latins, Slavs, and members of other nations are equal in the eyes of the Apostolic See."
    • On the Shroud of Turin, Our Lord appears to have long hair. How does this match up with what St. Paul writes in I Corinthians, Chapter 11, verse 14? Could the Shroud be genuine?