Angelus - October 1984

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  • Mary Gentges, Marian Pilgrimage to St. Mary's KS
  • Assumption of Our Lady: Sermon by Fr. Laisney
  • Reprint from The Economist, The Catholic Church in America
  • News Brief
    • Catholics Asked Whether Holy Days Should be optional
    • Italian Ex-Priests Vow to Fight for Married Clergy
    • Number of Roman Catholic Priests Continued Decline in 1982
    • Suit Opposing Ambassador to Vatican Filed in Philadelphia
    • Catholic Research Center Distributes Statedment on Abortion
    • Cardinal Slipyj Used Will For Final Attack on Soviets
  • Michael Davies, Visit to India
  • Emanuel Valenza, Priestly Celibacy
  • St. Michael's Mission: The SSPX in Atlanta, Georgia

Question and Answer

  • Is abortion ever permitted by the Catholic Church?
  • Why do people bow their head when someone says the Holy Name of Jesus?
  • Some people hold that offspring born of "in vitro" or frozen embryo are not human beings and therefore have no immortal human soul. Is this right with Church teaching?

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