Angelus Oct 1985

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  • Malcolm Brennan, Book Review: God's Fool - The Life and Times of St. Francis of Assisi, by Julien Green
  • Mother Mary Mechtilde, Letter to Friends and Benefactors from the Carmelites of the Most Holy Trinity
  • SSPX acquire new chapel: The Winckley Square convent chapel - reprint of an article from a local newspaper and the response of a G. Bernard Whalley
  • News Brief
    • Catholic Seminary Study
    • Catholic Conference Announces Delegation to November Synod
    • Pope Picks Krol and Law to Attend the November Synod
    • Dr. Mary Buckalew, On the Unity of the Church
  • Paul Dorey, Pentecost Pilgrimage Paris to Chartres May 1985
  • St Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Our Father, Part 2
  • Mary Gentges and James Talor, Monks of Lebarroux Visit St. Marys (Brother Cyprian and Fr. Basil of the traditional Benedictine Monastery of St. Madeleine, LeBarroux, France)
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Excerpts from Open Letter to Confused Catholics: Chapter 5
  • Fr. Laisney, Carmelites Arrive in America - The Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Question and Answer

  • Why are pro-life people so much against abortion? After all, doesn't a woman have the right of choice over her own body?
  • Is modesty of dress relative?