Angelus Oct 1987

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  • Marian Pilgrimage Through Europe
  • Fr. Krupa, O.F.M., In the Chains of the Hammer and Sickle - A Hungarian Priest's Personal Account of His Prison Experiences
  • Fr. Gregory Foley, Women and the Mystery of Suffering
  • News Brief
    • Nun's Group Endorses Individual Choice on Sexual Ethics
    • Catholics Open New Office to Expand Contacts with Other Faiths
  • Northwest Missions Bid Farewell to Fr. Couture, Recently transferred to Ireland
  • Reprint from TIME Magazine, The Pope's Day: Describing an average day in the life of Pope Pius XII
  • Clare Buckalew Dunkle, Meditation on the Rosary
  • Don Bosco, Madonna: Angel of God, My Guardian Dear
  • The Miracle of the Sun, October 13, 1917

Question and Answer

  • Can you please explain what is Jesus meant in Luke 9:49-50?
  • Who are the Anglican Catholics and what church do they belong to?
  • Why does Bishop Castro de Mayer not help Archbishop Lefebvre ordain traditional priests?