Angelus - October 1992

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Articles: Christ the King

  • The Archbishop Speaks, Article signed by Archbishop Lefebvre that appeared in "Il Cionale di Bergamo" on the day of the ordinations at Ecône on June 29, 1978
  • Michael Davies, Les Orandi, Lex Credendi - Examines the changes made in the Breviary Office of Christ the King to make it conform to the teaching of Vatican II on religious liberty.
  • John M. Haffert, Our Lady of Kazan: Liberatrix and Protectress of Holy Mother Russia
  • Emmanuel Valenza, The Church Teaches It: The Defense of the Faith
  • Conference by the Dominican Teaching Sisters, Parent's Meeting: Education of Students
  • Felix Gros, God Never Dies: President Garcia Moreno, Martyr of Christ the King