Angelus - October 1993

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Articles: Christ in the USA: Pauper or King?

  • Prayer Crusade for Vocations
  • The Archbishop Speaks, Interview with Jose Hanu and Archbishop Lefebvre, Part 11 - Necessity of fighting the errors of Vatican II and that this is not a "time of peace"
  • Gary Potter, Observations and Reflections: A Catholic Perspective
  • Mary Slattery, Victims of the Nativist Riots
  • Mrs William Kimball, A Mother's View: Celebrating Feast Days in the Home
  • Dominican Sisters, Parent's Meeting: Duty and Responsibility before God of Catholic parents
  • Charles A. Coulombe, Should Catholics be Conservatives?
  • Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, Quas Primas

Question and Answer

  • It seems that it can be argued persuasively that the sacrament of Confirmation ought to be administered before First Holy Communion, somewhere around the age of seven. What is the SSPX's position on this matter?
  • What are the Cherubim and Seraphim?
  • Can a widow whose children are full grown join a cloister or a nunnery?


  • The Apparent Victory of Modernism Exposed and Denounced by St. Pius X, Part 2