Angelus Oct 1995

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Articles: Leadership

  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Dispositions for the Apostolate (The second part of the last spiritual conference given by Archbishop Lefebvre at Ecône (February 8,1991) translated by Lettre aux Anciens, no. 16)
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Patriarch or "Nearby Guy": The Leadership of Fathers ("Father" is more than just a title. He is meant to be a leader - a patriarch. Anything less makes him an "almost-father," a so-called Nearby Guy.)
  • Lazlo Szijarto, Pope Sifting: Difficulties with Sedevacantism
  • Fr. Peter Scott, Ut Unum Sint and Infallibility
  • Edwin Faust, A Lesson in Club Rhetoric
  • Marc Fischer, Vatican II and the Social Order
  • Mrs. Paul Middlemore, A Mother's View: What is a Mother?
  • Dr. Frederick D. Wilhelmsen, Leadership as the Wise Exercise of Political Power


  • The Next Conclave: Vatican Politics in View of the Next Conclave